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What does the Phantom Finder Camera App do?
The Phantom Finder Camera App allows viewers to see ghosts and supernatural occurrences (we call them “Phantoms”) in their haunted surroundings!


How Much Does the Phantom Finder Camera App Cost my customers to use?

The Phantom Finder Camera App is FREE on Google Play (Android) and the App Store/iTunes (iPhone & iPad).


How does The Phantom Finder Camera App work?

This app works by using the hardware and video camera built into smart-devices (like IPhones, Android Phones, and IPads) to view effects much like “Pepper Ghosts”, without spending $100s of dollars on projectors, screening, and custom made projectable video footage.

When the Phantom Finder’s “Augmented Reality” software identifies “Phantom Markers” it overlays special effects (“Phantoms”) in real world dimension, as if you were a ghost hunter viewing spirits through a spectral camera! These “Phantoms” include ghosts, devils, dancers, blood writing, dripping blood, shadow people, paintings and other inanimate objects coming alive... and much, much more!


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the cutting edge of today’s software application industry! It is sort of like virtual reality, except that it places virtual characters in the viewer’s real-world surroundings.
When this application views “Phantom Markers” it displays the “Phantom” (special effect ghost) in your surroundings.


What devices does this app work with?

The Phantom Finder Camera App currently works on:
- iPhones: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus.
* Note: This app is optimized for iPhone 6s.

- Android Phones: OS 4.0 and above.
* Note: We are currently developing (for future release) versions that can be used via Augmented Reality Glasses/Headsets.


What are the Phantom Markers and how do they work?

Phantom Markers are Augmented Reality images that, when viewed by the “Phantom Finder Camera App”, trigger the display of supernatural events and ghosts (“Phantoms”). You control where the Phantoms will appear by placement of the Phantom Marker.


How much do Phantoms cost?

We sell electronic versions of our Phantom markers for immediate download! This means, after purchase, you can immediately download and print these markers. If you want to make vinyl markers or larger posters, you can.

We also sell Professional Versions (Vinyl Phantom Markers), which range from $60.00 to $300.00 (depending on the number of Phantoms connected to the marker. There are a few Phantom Markers that cost much more because they have dozens of Phantoms attached). We now have Premium Markers that are self illuminated, so all you do is plug and play!


How close do camera/tablet smart-devices need to be to the Phantom Markers to show the Phantoms?

Each smart-devices’ hardware capabilities, the location’s ambient lighting, and the size of the “Phantom Marker” itself determine how far away the app will see the Phantoms.
That being said, the standard marker will trigger effectively at between 6 to 8 feet away, under good lighting conditions. We have the flexibility to custom make larger Phantom Markers per your needs. Also, we have a wealth of knowledge on the utilization of specialized lighting elements (such as mini spotlights and blacklights) to illuminate Phantom Markers allowing the app to display Phantoms in near pitch black rooms!


Why do some Phantoms cost more than others?

Some Phantoms are sold individually and some are bundled in groups of 2, 3, or even by the dozen. "Phantom Markers" that trigger only one Phantom typically run at a lower price. Phantom Markers that trigger multiple Phantoms will cost more. Also, a few of our effects require more sophisticated “Phantom Markers” like paintings, so we charge accordingly.


How do I Set this Product up at my Haunted Attraction?

The Haunted Attraction Owner (you) must purchase our “Phantoms” to place were they want to have viewable supernatural activity. Please check out our catalog for detailed footage and descriptions of our Phantoms.
Upon purchase, we will send the Haunted Attraction Owner Phantoms they ordered in the form of a “Phantom Marker”. These Phantom Markers (each unique to the specific Phantoms purchased) must be placed in the desired locations to be haunted. Once set, the Phantom Markers will display in real life dimensions (when viewed by the camera app).


E-mail us at with any questions. 

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