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Bridge MR

A Call of Duty inspired Mixed Reality Experience with an 80’s twist
Put on the Bridge Mixed Reality Headset and live out your own 80s cinematic zombie survival story, boarding up your homes door and windows 

ARZombi 2 is a MR Headset based interactive horror experience where your own home becomes the centre of a zombie apocalypse. More than the PG cartoon pet you never wanted or city-wide search for card trading monsters, ARZombi requires you to reinforce your Home's doors and windows against holographic life sized marauding zombies (and possibly predatory groups of humans) trying to break through.


Dodge a lunging zombie's attack, take cover behind your sofa, crush zombie skull with your baseball bat, and incinerate the undead with a flame thrower.  Whatever you do, don't let the zombies knock over your only source of room lighting - your lamps; killing zombies in the dark is such a drag.  Reinforce your barricades, grab the closest weapon and save your home from being a zombie all you can eat buffet hotspot!

ARZombi 2 is an experience like never experienced before made by the California based team at Dynamic Augmented Solutions that got their start creating AR/MR experiences in 2013 for Theme Parks, Escape Rooms, and Haunted Attractions.  Since those "pre-PokemonGo" early days, DAS has broadened their AR reach into varied industries as indoor navigation, magazine/print media, sports, autonomous vehicles, trade shows/events, and more.  DAS is still on a quest to deliver on Mixed Reality's promise - "life sized Holographic gaming".

ARZombi 2 is specifically made to work on Occipital's Bridge Mixed Reality Headset and on iPads using the Structure Sensor.  When asked why DAS picked the Structure Sensor and Bridge Headsets the team said because of the Bridge's tremendous field of view.  


"While we enjoy developing with the current available 'pass-through' AR/MR headsets, the Bridge allows us to fill every visible pixel with zombies without worrying about only partial floating torsos being visible when enemies get 'up close and personal'", says Michael Dykier, CEO and CoFounder of DAS.

"We all have personal space boundaries (some call it 'their bubble').  When users take a few weary steps back from approaching zombies, we know immersion has been achieved.   Our first projects were for North American Haunted Attractions that grossed millions selling similar figments of personal terror.  This is what Mixed Reality is supposed to be about."

Spot the numerous 80’s Easter eggs and modern pop culture references littered around and stay tuned for a "Story Mode" and Multiplayer game in future updates where you and a friend can protect your home together and work as a team to kick some zombie butt! 


ARZombi 2 will be released in the IOS App Store to be played on the Bridge Mixed Reality Headset (with iPhone) and Structure Sensor enabled iPads.

Stay tuned for more information on future developments and remember. Aim for the Head!

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