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Augmented Reality

  Zombie Shooter 

In a world gone mad, is one’s home a castle or a final resting place?


As victims plead outside your door, will you let them in?


This Fall, from the darkest shadows, in the most ordinary places you will be forced to face your fears.


What kind of survivor you will become…

Board-up your Doors and Windows to defend from the Zombie Apocalyse!

Defend Your Home from Zombies

Get weapons, blast zombies, watch TV, order pizza... What else is there to do?

See how many waves of zombies you can survive, unlock hidden achievements, and so much more!

Play "Story Mode" and Decide What Kind of Survivor You Are...

Build your story by choosing what kind of player you will become.  Will you be a hardened zombie slayer, the unifier, a builder, marksmen, etc.

In ARZombi, as in life, each of your decisions impacts current and future outcomes.

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