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Our Team

Michael Dykier

CoFounder & Head of Product Development

If you dream it, Michael will make it your reality.  A self taught Applications Developer and Augmented Reality Enthusiast.

Michael's team is creating an IP foundation to address the shift from solely smartdevice to a more integrated wearable end user experience.


Larry Dykier

CoFounder & COO

Larry, with a background in High-rise Construction Management, oversees business development.  His focus on overseas hardware production and business planning ensures deadlines are met.




ReDCroW design is a small company focused on standing out from other established design entities in most media. Although the studio remains mostly underground, several clients have already ratified that ReDCroW design is among the top players for the best results in art and design in the horror industry. ReDCroW’s obsessive attention to detail and the overall look in Design has placed them ahead of their competitors, making them a unique and promising company.  Learn More:


Pamela Dykier

CoFounder & CEO

Creative vision with a flexible mindset is the "Mission Statement" of Pamela's company.  As CEO, she enables her team to excel in an industry full of exciting possibilities!



Stephen Dykier

CoFounder & Director of Effects

Stephen is a master of Audio and Video Effects.  Realizing that software is only as good as the content it projects, Stephen's team works tirelessly to ensure a high level of quality.




AtmosFX is a pioneering Seattle-based company on a mission To inspire everyone around the world to decorate digitally. Find out more:


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