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Instant Download Buy now Mirror, mirror. But what do you see..? Ghostly visions when you gaze into thee!

1. Phantom Marker :

Rip your face off
Zombie Man
SKU: 12345678
  • How to use the Mirror marker

    There is a "how to" section on our web site that shows how to use the Mirror marker.

  • Please Note:

    This is a instant downloadable PDF marker. You can print it out on your home/office printer or go to your local office store and have them print it out or made into a vinyl wall marker. Optimal size is approximately 14 X11. 

    Please refer to the How to section on our web site for complete instructions on the set up of this amazing phantom!All black and white markers need some ambient light to trigger the app. To optimize their performance consider spot lighting them with a mini led spot light!

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