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Home Haunters Kit Instant Download
  • Home Haunters Kit Instant Download

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    Instant Download Buy now Kit  Phantom Markers
    This package contains 4 Phantom Markers! These Markers are needed to see ghosts on the "Phantom Finder Camera App"; they will only be sent electronically. 
    Characters included:
    -Mr. Hyde: Mr. Hyde is traveling through! Don't let this sprite go by with out a greeting! (1 Animation)
    Ghostly Dancers: Young Lovers dance every night away, unaware they’ve passed to the other side! (3 Animations)
    Shadow Demons: What lurks in the shadows? These disembodied spirits will lurk around your house. Peeking around corners and Grave Crawler: He is fed up with his below ground digs and coming out for a look-see. Out of the grave and crawling around. He's coming to get you. (1 Animation) you in the hall! (3 Animations)
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