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"Haunted Video Booth"

"Haunted Video Booth"

We will place ghosts on your logo for use in the "Haunted Video Booth", or to animate print media, tickets, signage, t-shirts, merchandise (basically anything your logo appears on). 

Package 1: Phantomized Logo with 5 standard Phantoms, includes a 6ft x 2.5ft Banner, with 2 proofing adjustments.

Package 2 :Phantomized Logo with 4 Licensed Phantoms. Includes a 6ft x 2.5ft Banner. 2 proofing adjustments included.

Package 3 :Custom App with Phantomized Logo, 4 Licensed Phantoms, Custom App for Basic Apple And Android. Includes a 6ft x2.5ft    Banner. 2 proofing adjustments included.           Additional fee for Custom Affects.

You can also put down a deposit for a video booth of $250.
SKU: 21354654
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